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the hand of god

outside a bar

What do you mean?

I mean... I felt the hand of god

...where are you from?

North Idaho

woah I don't know anything about there

yeah, you're fucking right you don't

woah dude I was just admitting and being humble, settle down man

okay Idaho

no I'm saying...

well what are you doing here

well... this girl, she, well, she broke my heart... and I needed to take a vacation


what do you do

um, I'm like a writer, poet, actor, singer, comedian

okay i'm an actor too. What do you do well

What do I do well? Um... words


Yeah, words, that's what I do. And from a performance perspective, it gives me an outlook and like a different approach than a lot of people

okay so let me ask you something


do you believe in god?

Hmm, well that's an interesting question, but um, no I don't think so. You're religious?

No, honey, it's not about religion. I would never preach religion or anything but... listen, after you just freestyles with me, it was amazing.. I said you have a beautiful brain... and I meant it. You have a fucking brain on you.

Well, thanks, man

I'm serious. And because I see that, well I want you to know to praise god. And all these people, all these people around, love them all, just love them because it's god's will. It is god's will.

Dude, here's what I'm saying. I was with you and I was trying and am always trying to love and get rid of my hate, and dude I was raised with religion, i've thought about it okay, but tell me, tell me... why do we have to attribute it to any personified thing's “will”? What about MY will?

Because it's not belief anymore. It's real. I've felt god and i'm telling you that you'll lose faith sometimes, you'll run around screaming, you'll say WHYYY? I DON'T BELIEVE IN YOU ANYMORE. Because my life.... has been PAIN. But I'm telling you... that you-

Dude. What i'm saying if if I don't think it's there, I can't LOSE or COME BACK

just trust me...

Listen, I'm happy for you... I really am, that's great, but it's still not real to me. I have to keep searching myself, and exploring myself, man... that isn't rooted in your answer and something that I will return to, because like, I'm

friends leave the bar

Oh, there you are!

Hey hey hey

oh yeah man, these are my friends, my brother

hey, hey, I have a question... do you believe in god?

Oh fuck no

...dude, where'd you get this cliché kid

what do you mean?

I mean... I felt the hand of god