Up Above & All Around by Brigette Estola

NY Summerfest at The Hudson Guild Theatre

New York, New York


July 18, 22, 23 2017

Isolated in a poetic maze of grief, Andromeda practically lives on the

roof of her Brooklyn apartment. She attempts to escape by connecting

with two men in her building, but as the words get louder Andromeda

must fight to end the poem before she’s lost in it forever.

Up Above & All Around celebrates recovery and finding the words yourself.






Danny & the Deep Blue Sea by John Patrick Shanley with    His Hers Mine Yours by Brigette Estola

Coastline Theatre at The Alchemist

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


May 13-15, 20-22 2016

A two part event: John Patrick Shanley's Danny & the Deep Blue Sea serves as Act One, a tragic story of two aggressive and suffering souls meeting in a bar and spending an evening together, opening up and imagining a different life but eventually waking up to face reality. Act Two is a world-premiere piece by Brigette Estola, watching an observant and irritated woman stuck on the subway, as various fantastical worlds take over allowing her to investigate her womanhood and her relationship to the world as a female.





Fighting Words by Sunil Kuruvilla

Bohemian Productions at AM Galleries

Ludington, Michigan


July 18-20 2014


In 1980, real life Welsh boxer Johnny Owen traveled to Las Vegas to compete for the World Bantamweight championship title. The play follows three fictional women, all close to and with strong feelings about Johnny, in the days leading up to and the days after the dramatic match that Johnny fought. The women confess their true feelings and dreams as the tempers, tension and stakes continue to rise. "A transporting tale...the play makes a complete round trip in record time- from life to art, then back to life."

fighting words 5.JPG
fighting words 1.JPG