hooray! you made it!

i am a brooklyn based performer (actor/singer/comedienne) and writer (playwright/poet). i have dabbled in directing, woodworking, radio broadcasting, theatre administration, producing and a hundred other things that i should probably never write on a resume.

growing up in small town michigan, i wasn’t really any of these things.  i was mostly just a liar who loved sports and did lots of yard work. somehow, on what i can only call an impulsive whim, i ended up at a very small and wonderful school called carthage college. i was able to triple major in musical theatre, theatre and english. shortly after graduation, i picked up and headed to brooklyn. i now busy myself with projects of others and projects of my own. 

i am an advocate for laughing, learning, teaching, talking, arguing, playing, creating and making opportunities. i believe in words and i believe in ideas and i try super hard to not believe in time.

check out my stuff, hit me up. 

magic is never magic until it is