Play 5

in rows, it rose

4 actors-
2 speaking (with much poetry)
2 doing viewpoints

Viewpoints objectives: jump together, 3 repeated vignettes, laugh

Female Poet: why the ugly, she screamed

Male Poet: frenzy collateral corrupted softly yet surely... he coaxed and coaxed and coaxed

FP: she sat unafraid, she sat with distinction

MP: he knew she'd earned it



FP: booby trapped

MP: cornered

FP: spatially contextual

MP: free from freedom



FP: she spliced

MP: he cried he cried he cried

FP: slam dunk, mmmmmk

MP: clarity, uh huuuuuh

FP: spotted explanations

MP: lovin it lovin it lovin it

FP: wrangled as delusion as connection turned sideways turned and altered and altered again shame dripping with denial, sleep trickling slowly towards escapable

MP: keys turn, clicks click

FP: she listened and he

MP: just cried

FP: stabbed with delusion

MP: a festering infection of misunderstandings

FP: another time

MP/FP: he/she said

MP: another time

FP/MP: she/he said

FP: it's been a while

MP: track has been kept

FP: why the ugly she screamed

MP: on a better answer sat his ego long altered

FP: she just screamed

MP: he just, he just

FP: the change fell intentionally

MP: oh I bet, he said

FP: eyes were shifting

MP: long pauses danced delicately portholes opened through ongoing potential they saw each other's eyes drenched with it

FP: she'd hoped that wasn't too common

MP: he didn't know what to do about it

FP: she never knew

MP: he never knew

FP: circling

MP: cycling

FP: cylindrical

MP: simplistic

FP: she screamed for simplicity

MP: he'd stopped crying, but he just blinked