Play 3

Happy Birthday, Bethany

Party scene: party debauchery
groups of friends, drinking, smoking, raucousing, the whole deal
Bethany, the birthday girl, makes her rounds, working very very hard to be the belle of the ball
Bethany is an average sized girl, actually with quite a nice figure, even if not a supermodel body
she is decorated as birthday girl and is determined for everyone to recognize her honor
she moves deliberately around, laughing too loud, behaving much drunker than she is
occasionally, she can be seen leaving a group in a tiff, the group left rather uncomfortable
this goes on for a bit
longer than a bit, like what it would really be like to watch a party as an outsider looking in
maybe 10 minutes pass, drinking games, conversation, organic... just a party

finally, dialogue can be clearly made out, as we see Bethany rising again in a tiff

Clara: WHAT, all I said was I like your dress, what is your problem

Bethany: will you just shut up you cunt

Clara: fuck off man, i'm out of here

Bethany: yeah good. Take your fake gucci and your eating disorder and just leave because noone wants you here anyway

Clara leaves, obviously
this creates a mild scene, though mostly unnoticed by the party attendees
Bethany collects herself, and mingles once more

she approaches another group... and it becomes clear she's worked up again
she backs away
clears her throat

Bethany: UM, excuse me... um, listen, can I have everyone's attention? Okay, it was cool of all of you to come tonight and all but, okay, um fucking listen... okay, if one more person in this fucking room tries to tell me I'm not fat, I will flip. I'll freak. Because obviously, I'm a fucking size twelve and obviously that's fucking fat. OKAYYY? Is that clear to everyone? I have to rifle through the racks at H&M to the back, like every time to find a cami or a miniskirt that will fit over my ginormous thighs... I clench my stomach all day, I'M CLENCHING MY STOMACH RIGHT NOW. I bought spanks. Okay, no nonfat girls buy spanks. So i'm sick of you all telling my how cute my clothes are and how good my makeup looks and how you like my new haircolor okay cuz i'm fat and that's the long and short of it. That's the deal, that's the skinny. And it's not a harsh reality motherfuckers i've been a heifer my whole life so the sooner you all say, yes you are fat when I say, oh my god i'm so fat, the happier we'll all be, alright because I'm disgusting. It's pretty obvious. So when I say, do I look fat? I ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER IS YES SO STOP LYING TO ME AND MAKING ME SO GODDAMN UNCOMFORTABLE YOU INSENSITVE ASSHOLES IT'S MY BIRTHDAY FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

Robby, an incredibly skinny boy, enters, stuffing his face with cake

Robby: Bethany, shit, this cake is off the hook. You better get some before I eat it all.

Bethany winces, gets a maniacal look in her eyes, sticks her finger down throat and throws up

Robby: Woooooahhhhhh, happy birthday Bethany!!!