Play 28

carry on

A street. A bustling city street. For a while, all that can be noticed is the bustle, the hum of talk, of strangers playing the awkward dance of left-right-left, the back and forth of tourists, of business women in lady suits, of bums... the people of the city. It's not quiet, of course, the buzz is non distinct for a while... until gradually, those walking on this particular street can be heard talking. The buzz continues, but dialogue becomes distinct. The action never stops, the dialogue never stops. Many continue walking and passing and doing their own thing even as this written dialogue from individuals can be distinguished.... it's a street. As each snippet is highlighted, each snippet will be cut off by a passing stranger on the street. The conversation will continue, of course, with ad libbing... but the passing other will pick up where they were left off.

A high fashion model type to her mother: And it wasn't that I was bad, Mom, cuz I wasn't... I actually had really picked up a lot from those classes, it's just I wasn't right for this particular gig and it did kind of hurt my feelings but I guess that I need to get used to that, it's just that I felt I sort of, was right for this kind of thing

Her Mother: well you know you're gonna hear no a million times before you hear yes.

Model: I know. I just, do you think it has anything to do with my skills? What would make me better?

Bum with a Ukelele: all I need's a couple bucks just a couple bucks man, miss.... miss? All'd be well then, all'd be solved, just need a buck or two, just a simple dollar, just a few coins, help me out help me out, hear me? Hear me play, all'd be better then, all'd be well, hey 'scuse me, 'scuse me, miss? Miss? Can you hear me?

Irritated Upper East Side Mother: Not a word. Not a word, okay? You've been being a brat all day and I can't even tolerate you anymore, okay?

Annoying pre-teen: Whattt? I just want Liquiteria, I want a smoothie

Mom: There's a Jamba Juice one avenue over...

Pre-teen: Jamba Juuuice? Really? Ugh

Mom: Do you want a drink or not?

Wall Street Bro: Yeah dude, let's get Wednesday hammered

Bro: You think?

Bro: Fuck yeah man, fuck yeah, then we can see that bet play out

Bro: Which bet?

Bro: Um, the bet about Becky?

Bro: Oh, who is gonna fuck her first?

Long Island lady on her cell phone: I am. No, no no, I am. I'm planning the whole thing. Whyyyy? Well because, because, because Natalie is useless. But you heard about my idea, right? I mean he's only gonna turn 40 once.. oh you heard! Perrrrfect. Well, wouldn't that be a perfect party idea?

Classic Gothic Boy: Yeah, except you don't know how to throw knives

His Friend: Well not exactly but it's not like it can't be learned...

Boy: well Rodney is the reason I got super into that stuff to begin with, but ya know, with what happened to him and all, I probably shoudn't

Friend: What happened?

Boy: Oh did you not hear about Rodney?

Sorority Hipster: Uh, yeah, and now he drinks iced coffee...

Gay Bestie: well you know what I always say- once a bitch always a bitch

Sorority Hipster: And he's been trying to lecture me, tell me what's wrong and what's right

Gay Bestie: Well what the fuck does he know?

Excited High School Nerd on his Band Trip: All of Monty Python. He can quote... all of it. Like, if you give him one line to any random scene he can carry on for like five minutes afterwards, basically flawlessly

Other Nerd: Wait what are you talking about

25 Year old man: I'm talking about my absurd facebook relationship with Kim Kardashian

Work Associate: Wait, why?

Hippie Grandpa: WHY NOT?

Soccer Dad: Because I said so

Kid: But I thought, I thought-

Dad: Well what did you think?

Business Woman on the phone: I just thought I was better than that. And I just found myself asking myself, well- what if I could?

Basketball Dude: You probably wouldn't make it

Dude: You don't think?

Existential Overprivileged: I did think of that mannn, I totally thought about it. And as soon as I thought about it, I realized that I did know anything, anything at all

Chick who has a project with him: Nothing? You have no thoughts on infinity?

Little Girl: Yes yes yes yes yes TIMES INFINITY

Brother: Do you even know what the means?

Woman: Well, it means... it means, it's done, but well... it's not done

Man: It's never truly done, is it?


The street bustles. The light fade.