Play 24

Who Wins?

At a bar

Let's get more beer

from there or here?

The next place seems be quite alive

but parting from here will wreck my jive

just jive over there, it seems real fun

but jiving over there, i'll be the only one

i'll jive with you, we'll take on over

good, cuz everyone there looks mighty sober

it's friday night, the night of good times

and the night for far too many rhymes

rhymes are for energy, for the next hour

rhymes are to show how my brain can devour

a motive's a motive, so why're we standing still

cuz I want more than anything to prove my skill

it's proved, okay, so let's continue

continue where? Nothing's got a view

I thought we said, the next place'd be fine

fine is a level we ought to define

it won't be any worse than where we are now

you think you know this? Tell me how

they're lame in here, they're lame over there

guess everyone sucks, doesn't matter where

you and your pessimism, it's rather taxing

should I just be brainless? I guess that's more relaxing

You just never stop, it's tiring

yet my brain and my skills- you're admiring

Just stop, okay, let's get on with our night

you'll shut me down to avoid a fight?

This isn't a fight, it's you annoying me

pfff these are mad skills you're just getting for free

shut up! Come on, let's go get drunk

man if this was a class, you'd surely flunk

it's not a class, it's hanging out

but you would fail, no fucking doubt

this isn't about me or about you

then what's it about? I thought I knew

it's about having a time, not a dispute

but the times are boring, i'd rather refute

dude you really are intolerable

oh but so very knowledgable

i'm leaving now, with you or not

can I at least finish this drink I got?

Drink it fast, get yourself wasted

oh but it's nice, i'd rather it be tasted

I thought we were going out to rage...

and then this place made me feel in a cage

a cage? Why do you say that

I felt that way as soon as I sat

like you're trapped, or what, what do you mean

I mean, do you feel like you're here to be seen

I feel like I'm here so i'm not at home

and go to the same small places, pretend we can roam

well what is it we're supposed to do

I wish I knew, but I have no clue

well you clearly have an idea, or you woulda quit this

have you ever taken a shot you knew you'd miss

like a basketball shot? Yeah probably

or threw at a target you couldn't even see?

Sure. Okay, so what's your point?

Dude, let's go, let's smoke a joint

seems like you're way ahead of me on that

this is not the point i'm getting at

well make it already, so we can leave

you're happy? That's something I wouldn't believe

Why cuz i'm in a bar on a friday night?

Because you never stop and answer a question right

Who are you to say if i'm correct

i'm saying you're a video that cliches direct

And so are you, plus you're a dick

oh I see, it's all starting to click

no, asshole, I don't get your problem

just asking questions, asking how to solve them

all you've done is annoy me

think about it later, then you'll see

I'll see nothing, cuz you're just rhyming my words

And making you think about the absurd

no, you've made no points, just wasted my time

oooh time again! I gotta rhyme rhyme

Please make one point before I go

i'm just running in circles, giving you a show

well this was great, i'm out of here

oh oh oh, not without me dear

are you seriously gonna do this all night

it's as much wrong as it is right

really i'm just fucking sick of it

if that's all, I don't give a shit

Why are you doing this? What's the reason?

I always feel weird at the change of the season

So it's not gonna stop? Probably not...

It's this game I kinda like a lot

We're done hanging out I think

If you were a boat, you'd surely sink


Don't lie!

See you tomorrow

in joy and sorrow


what luck






. up is pretty hard to rhyme with

Later dude.