Play 25

carpe diem or something

Each character works at their station, they talk sequentially-and are working individually towards the common goal

Yup: Today is the day

Yes: it's the day

Yeah: the day of days

Mmhmm: the motha fucking dayyyyy

Yup: It can't be that hard

Yes: It's not that hard

Yeah: not hard, not hard at all

Mmhmm: fuckin easyyyy

Yup: First, it's just this

Yes: just this

Yeah: just this

Mmhmm: just this, man

Yup: Then, some of that

Yes: That

Yeah: That

Mmhmm: that

Yup: And that's it

Yes: All it is

Yeah: Day of days!

Mmhmm: Fuckin right

Yup: Except

Yes: But

Yeah: You see,

Mmhmm: What is it?

Yup: Well, there's more

Yes: Always more

Yeah: So much more

Mmhmm: Big time

Yup: it is kinda hard

Yes: Oh yeah, quite hard

Yeah: difficult, indeed

Mmhmm: fuckin tough

Yup: No, no! Day of days

Yes: Today, today

Yeah: ah yes, today

Mmhmm: let's fuckin do this

Yup: all it takes is decision making

Yes: And strength

Yeah: and patience

Mmhmm: and will, man

Yup: But, I mean, why does it have to be today

Yes: Could be tomorrow

Yes: Or next week

Mmhmm: Next year, i'm young

Yup: There's time

Yes: Lots of time

Yeah: Just chill

Mmhmm: Plenty o' tiiime

Yup: Relax

Yes: relax

Yeah: Relax

Mmhmm: Just chill

Yup: Ugh! But no, what about

Yes: What about

Yeah: About what?

Mmhmm: About what?

Yup: Can't waste this

Yes: Don't waste it

Yeah: It's being wasted

Mmhmm: Not if I can help it!

Yup: It's time to choose

Yes: The choice is now

Yeah: What's it gonna be?


Yup: Gotta stop wasting time

Yes: It's a ticking and ticking

Yeah: It's noon already!?!

Mmhmm: It's September already?!?

Yup: Now

Yes: Now

Yeah: Now

Mmhmm: Now

Yup: it's possible

Yes: It can be done

Yeah: It will be done

Mmhmm: Fuckin right

They stand from their desks, look at each other and nod