Play 8

no not at all

Three guys around a campfire

I can't seem to recall

recall it all

recall at all

can't remember the colors

the colors that were bright before

bright before

right before

it all seemed

all seemed



turns taken too fast

turns taken in turn

in turn, in lines

in lines we stood

I stood

stood tall

taller than I was last year at this time

this time

maybe this time

time time time

I checked my watch

recalling I couldn't recall

and confused once again

the line was longer

last time

the line was longer last time

I was shorter last time

could not recall

not recall at all

I saw her there

she was not tall at all

and that was okay

we had danced once

I could not recall

we danced once again

that made twice

we looked really nice next to each other

she made no effort

she made no effort

I made effort

real effort

I recall my effort

real effort

she was smiling then

she was smiling now

but only in theory

she was aware

she had to be aware

she was working her ass off to not seem aware

she blinked

she blinks

I bet it was on purpose

oh i'm sure it was

she was sediments settling


forgetting the befores and the afters

she wasn't all that pretty

she never was that interesting either

not that I can recall

can't recall at all

I doubt she'd really remember those dances anyway

because I barely can

I mean, can't

can't recall

can't recall at all