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sir yes sir

Mr. D: Jordan, can we speak to you in my office real quick?

Jordan: Um, yeah, sure

Mr. D: Great.

Jordan: What's going on, sir?

Mr. D: Well, first and foremost, we wanted to make it very clear how fortunate we were to have you transferred over to us.

Jordan: oh, well thank you sir, thanks a lot, it was my pleasure

Mr. D: without even knowing, we seemed to have stumbled upon a very useful contributor to our work here

Jordan: Sir, thank you, that's very flattering

Mr. D: Now, there is a serious matter we do need to discuss with you. We feel it's important to-

Jordan: Um, sorry sir to interrupt, but who is we?

Mr. D: Pardon?

Jordan: It's just, you've said we a whole bunch of times already, and I just wanted to know who we is...

Mr. D: Me. I. I feel it's important that-

Jordan: Um, alright

Mr. D: I feel it's important to express to you, as soon as we, as I could, the next phase of your responsibilities here.

Jordan: The next phase?

Mr. D: Oh yes

Jordan: Um, no disrespect sir, but I was under the impression that I was going to be allowed to continue working on my current project through completion, despite being transferred over here.

Mr. D: yes, Jordan, I understand that that may have been the impression you were given, especially by your former bosses, but for the good of the company, and we really really value employees who are always looking out for the good of the company, we are gonna talk about the next phase.

Jordan: Sure

Mr. D: Now, of course we want you to continue with the current project you're working on, very much so... these things will just come in addition. You of course can take your time, but there will be deadlines, as you can imagine. You're going to be asked to oversee the disasters.

Jordan: The disasters? Sir, that seems like an awful huge jump from-

Mr. D: from lack of clean water? I knew you'd think that. But really, all it truly is is maintenance... same as you're used to. You're not being asked to make any sorts of decisions, just oversee, check for smooth sailing, you might say. Now as you grow with us, and based on how you handle the maintenance, you may be eventually asked to sit in on the board, to be a contributor to decisions. And once you're asked to sit in, it's only a matter of time until you become a member and then you're really making decisions. You seem like the kind of guy that wants to make decisions, amiright? And here, we really value employees who like to make decisions. How's this sounding?

Jordan: I mean, it all sounds rather intimidating sir. I guess I had never pictured what came after, um after this job, I guess. I mean, it all sounds quite challenging and like I could hopefully contribute some real insight or at least selfishly, some brain power to it all...

Mr. D: Yes, well, we're not looking for your selfish brain power son, we're looking for action takers. I understand in a lot of ways, this job doesn't seem like a glorious one, and this company doesn't seem like maybe it'll be along forever... but you trust me. I've seen people come and i've seen people go, and i've seen my company stand through thick and thin in order to watch others stand through thick and thin. And I've watched the moral dilemmas. I've watched the weak misunderstand the big picture of this place. So I need you, as we present these new obligations you're expected to handle, to really ask yourself whether you feel you have the character, whether you have the strength to continue with this company. Because the whole water deal isn't going to be around too much longer, it's a changing world, ya know... but disasters, disasters is something we are going to be dealing with for, well for as long as we can.

Jordan: Sir I think i've been misled as to what um, this company was about...

Mr. D: Excuse me?

Jordan: Well, at my old location, I, well, I was working towards a solution

Mr. D: What kind of solution?

Jordan: Well, with the whole water thing... it wasn't so much of a decision or a distribution as it was a collecting of data and an analysis of data and kinda piecing together what we knew and who we could help-

Mr. D: You were “helping” at the other location?

Jordan: well, maybe not helping, not in so many words, um, I, I mean, I'm just not sure I have the kind of character that you're looking for, um, especially not for disasters...

Mr. D: You were a perfect candidate, though.

Jordan: Why? How was I possibly a perfect candidate?

Mr. D: well we've really looked at the work you've done with water, and with pollution before that, and I'm not entirely sure who you've been talking with that has convinced you you're “helping”... but um, we've seen what you've contributed. Disasters would be an incredible step up for you, I'm actually quite confused as to what the problem is.

Jordan: But, um, I have been helping people. The research I've done, I've investigated the reasons why things are happening, extensively, I've researched, finding a solution, for the next step, the next step forward

Mr. D: Oh, Jordan. I hate to be the one to break this to you, but your research, your investigations, they're not, well, that information isn't being used to stop these things, you do know that, right?

Jordan: I don't think I know what you mean

Mr. D: That information is acquired by us, and then leaked to those below us, those not in decision making fields or researching fields... those that are in the justifying fields. That information is given to those who have to answer to the general public. By understanding the reasons and the possible motives and justifications, they are able to pacify those who look to them for answers. They, of course, are experts at taking the numbers and information you give them, and twisting it to serve many purposes but, um, it's for means of perpetuation. You haven't been finding solutions, son, you've been finding answers to questions that need answers but really, we don't want answered

Jordan: How has this never been explained to me before?

Mr. D: Well, would you have done it still?

Jordan: Absolutely not! I joined this company to find solutions, to look for answers, to help people! I want to help people! There's so much wrong, I thought by being directly involved in what goes wrong, that I could help it go right! I need it to go right!

Mr. D: Well, if things go right, a lot of people are out of jobs.

Jordan: Okay so we're out of jobs, but millions of people are happier? Safer? Healthier? How can this be justified?

Mr. D: Do you have student loans?

Jordan: Yes

Mr. D: Do you like your apartment? Your clothes? Your meals? Jobs are jobs, my boy, and the sooner you realize that and stop with this martyr business, the happier you'll be. The healthier you'll be. Does that make sense.

Jordan: Yes sir.

Mr. D: So what's it gonna be?

Jordan: I, I need some time to thin-

Mr. D: Then you're fired. We need people who make decisions, who are ready to do a job, to do their job and do it well. So enjoy unemployment, enjoy your debt, enjoy your making the world a nice clean lovely place while you starve and crawl back to your parents who, I'm sure, did a whole bunch of jobs that didn't make them happy just so you could have some opportunities. Enjoy. Good day.

Jordan: Well, sir, I didn't say no, I just... will you reconsider.

Mr. D: It's water and disasters, or nothing.

Jordan: Okay, okay, I'll do it.

Mr. D: And you'll do it well. And you'll research this company and you'll learn every detail of what you're contributing to. Okay? You might as well know. And you might as well enjoy that paycheck you get knowing you did a job well, regardless of the job.

Jordan: Yes sir.

Mr. D: Excellent. Good talk, Jordan. Go about your business.

Jordan: Yes sir.