Play 15

fade to black

Lights fade up to the middle of a fight

Her: well no of course I don't understand

Him: what the fuck do you mean you don't understand

Her: I mean, I don't fucking get it

Him: and this is the fucking problem to begin with

Her: what?! That you say insane things and i'm not supposed to say I don't understand

Him: Insane things? Huh? Fuck off man whatever

Her: fuck off man

Him: yeah, fuck off man

Her: i'm not looking for a fucking thesis asshole, i'm looking for a quick little rundown on what the fuck you could possibly mean, cuz I don't understand

Him: if you don't understand, then you probably can't understand

Her: oh perfect, perfect fucking reasoning

Him: i'm just saying it's pretty hard to constantly be talking to someone who has to have things explained to them

Her: CONSTANTLY? When was the last fucking time you explained dick to me? I don't know who died and made you Mensa President, and um I don't know if you've had time to notice between your IQ tests and Nobel Prizes or whatever... but i'm pretty fucking smart. And I understand most things and just because you're a self centered fucking dickhead does not make me someone who “constantly” needs things explained to her

Him: See, this is the fucking problem.


Him: We can't do anything without you freaking out

Her: No, you can't treat my like a belittling jerk and expect me to not freak out. Guess what... I'm a thinking, functioning adult with feeling and ideas and experiences that make me FUCKING DIFFERENT from you... not dumber, not more naïve, not incorrect, just fucking different okay

Him: See and I don't know why you always have to do this either

Her: do. What.

Him: make it into this big philosophical ordeal, a big lecture or sermon about the differences between humans and how if we could just accept differences instead of trying to change people blah blah i've heard it a million times before and all I'm trying to do is express one pretty inconsequential opinion about how things should go and you fly off-

Her: About how things should go. Is that what you were getting at

Him: I thought it was fucking clear

Her: I'm pretty sure I made it pretty fucking clear that nothing was fucking clear

Him: Your circles that you run are draining

Her: I thought you'd been training

Him: Why should I have to? Why do I have to train to spend time with someone? Don't you realize at some point... people are going to be sick of that exhaustion? Tired of have to fucking condition in order to have a conversation because you can't let it go? You take it and spit it and spit it and convolute things so much that eventually you think you heard something insane that doesn't make any sense when you really just heard something real or raw or just mundane and you send yourself into attack mode which is fucking siamese twins with defensive mode and you become, well, intolerable

Her: see and I can't see why you do this

Him: do what

Her: take me just wanting some sort of explanation or clarification and prodding and poking until I calling me stupid, by insulting my thought process, by whatever other condescending things you do and make me feel like, and frankly call me, an intolerable person when all I want is a little more enrichment so that I can safely be on the same page

Him: well, so, what do you want then?

Her: I want to know what the fuck you're talking about

Him: I just don't even remember

Her: Fuck off. If you can't even remember then....

fade to black