Play 1

From Above

lights up on a cradled baby, cradled from the rafters, hung from above
swaddled, eyes wide, independently swinging

the “baby”:
(loud wail) waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
who teaches me about death?
I said (loud wail) waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
who teaches me about death?
Will I just.... know?

Will I... can I ….. how, how, how will I remember my left from my right and how will I remember my address and how will I remember the core democratic values and how will I remember grandma's birthday and how will I remember that I should try and ask questions noone has ever asked before? Am I supposed to remember to do that? Or just do that? Am I supposed to do that? I want to do that. How will I decide what color my hair should be when I can choose whatever color I want? and how will I know what earrings to wear in my school picture and how will I know how to plan to say no to that nice boy who is probably gay if he asks me to prom because I think that the cute troubled boy will ask me and how will I justify not going to high school dances because noone ended up wanting to take me and how will I understand confidence and how will I find any sort of understanding when i'm shut in this tiny world of tiny understandings that don't answer a fucking single one of my questions? Why did you put me here?
I said waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
why did you put me here
I said waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
how will I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
know about death
how will you teach me what you don't know? HOW DARE YOU!?!?!
how will I
how do you
why can't I
I think
I must

downstage, lights up on an elderly couple, the “baby” swings”

Mrs: hmmmmm

Mr: yes, dear?

Mrs: what?

Mr: you said...?

Mrs: oh, just, hmmmm

Mr: well?

Mrs: well?

Mr: well, hmmm, what?

Mrs: well, honey

Mr: yes, what is it

Mrs: I was just wondering...why we got married

Mr: why we...

Mrs: why we got married

Mr: um, i'm sorry, is something wrong dear?

Mrs: not at all

Mr: I'm gonna wash those pans, I am, I just...

Mrs: Stop, what, no

Mr: oh, I, just, what's wrong, what's going on

Mrs: I, well, no, I was just wondering your answer

Mr: to why we got married?

Mrs: yes

Mr: because we loved each other

Mrs: love

Mr: of course

Mrs: remarkably

Mr: defying statistics

Mrs: remarkably

Mr: without a doubt

Mrs: but why did we ever

Mr: to have a family

Mrs: could we not have done so without?

Mr: the bond

Mrs: could we not have...

Mr: through sickness and health

Mrs: to death do us part

Mr: to death do us part

Mrs: couldn't we have just

Mr: we weren't ready to break rules

Mrs: love

Mr: just enough love to follow the rules

Mrs: and without the rules?

Mr: without the rules?

Mrs: did we need the rules? What if we had no rules? What if we were pushed into a life together without the expectations, without the boundaries, without all the what happens what shoulds that apparently become our anecdotes and our what we've dones and our fucking lives? Huh? What if we had none of that? Did we have enough love to go around? Without barriers? Without rules and without the befores and the afters, if it was just then if it was just then and now and right at this particular, were we ready? Were we invested, were we right for this choice, who is right for this choice? Was this succumbing to something? And we're going to be gone, we'll be gone, we'll be gone and somewhere or nowhere and how can I take this breath and the next breath and know that... (breaths in and out, in and out)

Mr: ...this is about her, isn't it?

Mrs: Having a granddaughter makes me sad.... having a granddaughter makes me scared

Mr: Me too

Mrs: Okay, then.

The “baby”:
I, I, I just want to know if, if, if, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah