no ulterior motive

i will rhyme i promise i will rhyme
it will not be a slant rhyme
it will be good
it will make you say ooooh that sure was clever
what a clever girl
you will like what i have to say
you will like how i say it
you probably will not like me as much as you like those things

i will smile because i have dimples and when i smile you can see the dimples
and i am cuter than when i don't smile. i think you will agree

i have a memory that is persistent 
it does not forget details very easily 
there is a poison that i sometimes drink that makes me forget details much more easily
you have drank way more poison than i have. so have you and probably you too. 
on a friday night (that is the night for fun you know that of course (please don't have fun other nights))
the amount of poison consumed in my city in my state in my country 
is relatively terrifying. saturday too. 

i can feel the muscles in my back.
i can feel the muscles in my legs. 
i can feel the muscles in my arms. 
i think i'm stronger than you. you too. not you though you look pretty strong

i've read a lot of poems. how many poems do you think you've read? 
how many songs do you think you know? 
it's weird because big numbers are still numbers
it makes me mad that infinity can get bigger like the equasion infinity + infinity = infinity 
does that make you mad?
(i don't think i spelled equasion right) (i looked it up it's a t not an s. english sure is strange but it doesn't make me mad does it make you mad?)
i like to ask questions with no ulterior motive
i don't think this happens that often 
the next time i'm asked why do you ask i vow to answer i like answers
do you like questions or answers better? 
i like how 6:45 looks on clock hands best out of all the combinations of clock hands
i'm excited because it's 6:08 except i don't always get excited for 6:45
but i still think it's important to have favorites
i just realized my favorite color is glow-in-the-dark

i don't really think time is of the essence anymore because i kinda think time is mean
i tried to stop hating everything that wasn't my favorite but it was really hard