looks like we made it

i like the jokes i don’t like the texture just a jester an underhand gesture downed a gallon for your health FOR HEALTH! spell it all out because the end result was always under construction anyway leveling it out delving into it scared of the underwhelming sure to overbear learn a language write a song appetite doesn’t have to die with the changing banging charisma that used to reign supreme seek your shadow send a postcard with a nun hula-hooping on it door to door sales are sure to stop caress the impractical laying down the law on a new reality deserting a liar for a smile and a free hot chocolate spanning the globe with a small attempt to just dissolve clarity lived down the block from realism and the hurricane hit hard so can we all please settle down and get excited and stop a second stop a second second enjoy a joke for a joke and maybe a little more spread it all so thin revel and revel and revel there is no end