Play 13

just cutting

The girls sit cutting white paper with scissors, just cutting

G1: once I fell in love I did I fell in love and I introduced him to people like my friends and like my family like my grandpa met him we were in love

G2: once I broke my nose I got hit in the face right square in the face with a softball I didn't even see it there was a lot of sun in my eyes but I got black eyes and a big swollen face and my nose was fucking broken

G3: once I did a science project it was so informative I won an award for the essay I wrote about it because I learned so much about physics and biology and chemistry because it was science

G4: once I was in this play that I got to help direct and write and act in all at the same time I was so involved in the creative process that I was forever altered I understood very deeply the way theatre really worked and I knew then that I could declare myself a real thespian cuz I was in a play

a slight overlap begins in the stories

G1: once he came over with a dozen roses that's twelve gorgeous plump roses and I didn't even mind the cliché because they were pretty they smelled nice and they fit in this perfect vase that I had been given for confirmation in eighth grade and when I stared at them I realized that money was spent so that I could feel like I was a lady a real woman who had a real man who bought her plants

G2: it's the only bone i've ever broken and it's funny cuz my only brother has only broken one bone ever he was in a car accident where a drunk driver came across the center line and hit him and Charlie Thompsen head on and he broke his collar bone and it happened a week before I got hit in the face and so everyone was always asking me about the car accident like what happened and what was going to happen to the drunk man and I would just tell them no i'm sorry I got hit in the face with a ball

G3: I tested the strengths of different toilet paper I was in sixth grade I bought like four brands of toilet paper and I made a contraption to hold out the toilet paper and I sprayed each sheet with an equal amount of water that I regulated with a spray bottle that I bought from the dollar store and then I placed metal screws on the top of the toilet paper until it ripped I studied the plies and I studied the patterns and I studied the advertisements in comparison to the results

G4: it was a circus themed play and there were circus acts and then throughout the circus acts there were fairy tales that just existed and sort of propelled the story but really just were little folk tales and all the other stories would exist and then be done but my story got to weave throughout the whole show so I was kinda like the lead even though it would be hard to say who the lead was but the show was so funny and strange and we did improv to develop the rest of it beyond the stories that were already chosen for us to do

much more noticeable overlap, like all talking at once

G1: we dated for quite a while and it wasn't even a convenience thing it was a love thing it was a thing that we said on occasion not like a pressure thing or an obligation thing because it was elementary and kinda pure but also kinda fucked up because when we got back to school after the summer even though we had seen each other all summer there were like three weeks at the end where we didn't see each other and apparently in that time he had come to some conclusion that we shouldn't date even though we loved each other and we didn't fight and we made each other happy and the rest because he had decided that he didn't want to marry me in like you know the five years after from right then when he apparently envisioned himself being married but you know we were like twenty-one and it always seemed so odd that it became about some sort of future as opposed to a now and a....

G2: and my family is kinda like a tough it out kind of family I got hurt on saturday and on monday I had a physical anyway to get checked for sports but on Monday morning before my appointment I also had basketball conditioning so I went to conditioning and ran multiple miles and jumped up bleacher seats and did wind sprints and the whole deal and when I was done my eyes were so swollen that I had to literally push my eyelids open to get my contacts out and then I went to the doctor and they well they told me to stop ya know running and stuff and then I went to show choir camp and I really did all sorts of stuff and just had these two black eyes... and the sun was in my eyes so much that I didn't even see the ball when it hit me in the face, and I just kinda turned around and put my hand to my face and just saw blood come gushing out all over and they made me lay down and to just see people's reactions to see my face...

G3: and when I went to science challenge which was this like three county wide competition that you could get invited to if your project was one of the best at your school and I was one of the few sixth graders who got invited anyway and then when I was there I won the Elsie Larson Award out of everyone which was an award for your essay... and I had to do a full interview and presentation to judges and talk about my methods and my ideas and all that kind of stuff which was kind of intense for a sixth grader to be put through but I definitely got a first place ribbon and then I was invited back when I was in seventh grade for my project about the probability of a royal flush and then again in eighth grade for my project where I made candles and studied some hardcore chemistry stuff and I got to...

G4: And like when we started the show all that existed was the fairy tales as like fairy tales but all of them just existed as books so the older members I was only in eighth grade but was still a more advanced member of the Oceana Summer Youth Theatre got to adapt the stories and then direct the stories and then the rest like all of the circus acts that became all the other stuff in between were like from improv activities where like we had to bring in a character and would go in front of everyone and everyone would just ask you questions about your life as a circus person and from that our director who went to Juliard for directing by the way and she like started this summer theatre program and we did Shakespeare for a bunch of years but then this one year we decided to do something experimental and it really pushed us to stretch what we thought about...

G1: Keep cutting

G2: Keep cutting

G3: Keep cutting

G4: Keep cutting

they keep cutting