103.3 WWBD

My first play co-written with Andrew Stachurski


Best friends Archie and Elliot, after graduating college and failing in their attempt to start a new life, have moved home to their small Mid-Western town. Through a convenient death, the two find themselves with the space and means to run the radio program they've always dreamed of...a gangsta rap show featuring all their thugged-out favorites. Trouble arises as the radio show gains attention, enraging the conservative Christians of the town, as well as Archie's no-nonsense mother. Shenanigans, miscommunications and hilarity ensue, all the while highlighting the challenges of contemporary relationships and current American small town intolerance. “It was all a dream” for Archie and Elliot... until it wasn't, in this fast-paced, modern, stoner farce.



up above & all around

A poetic drama making its world premiere in the NYSummerfest this July! 

Andromeda, having experienced trauma, is taking steps to aid her own recovery but still finds herself broken, cynical and angry. She puts her all hopes of feeling better into her poem, but after divulging her words from her Brooklyn rooftop, she doesn’t feel any better. Andromeda must then move forward through reality for answers and any sense of peace. She struggles with relationships old and new, with the past, with the future and with herself.  up above & all around explores the strength of isolation, the power of deciding to be okay and the importance of finding the words yourself.


Without the Lighthouse

a new poetry play, in process